Welcome to BLACK SIGMA


BLACK SIGMA saw the light early 2020 as a result of a failed reunion of the 90’s Belgian Atmospheric Black Metal band, “AVATAR”.  

We rehearsed a few times and even made some really nice stuff, but it was fast clear to me that our noble intention would not last.... Having 5 people in their 40's on the same track with the same motivation, differs a lot from when you are 16…


Needless to say, that our fresh still unnamed child, died a premature death.
But after 20 years, picking up a guitar again, something had awakened me. I rediscovered the satisfaction of tell a story which can't be told with words.


A story I have chosen to continue as a one-man band called BLACK SIGMA.


Categorizing music under a certain genre is not rocket science so let's say BLACK SIGMA is some kind of Atmospheric Dark Metal. Actually, I just create what I like, influenced by different styles of metal without limiting myself to a specific genre.
Creating music alone gives me the opportunity to write something that fits 100% deals, no compromises, just me.


While I was the main songwriter in my previous band, the songs always ended up different then I had in mind while writing them. This was a positive thing for sure, but because of that and being a jerk that I seemed to be, the rehearsals got a bit rough from time to time. I even remember our band almost splitting due to overheated musical discussions…

Let’s say as a one-man band I’m spared now from this drama so I can completely focus on myself…


Music is a way to write off my experiences, feelings, and my vision on life.

No other music then metal is able to reflect that. Darkness, pain, depression, suffering, violence, sorrow…topics all sung widely about by many metal bands, aren't just "cool" subjects...we live with them day by day…
The current state of the world is as such a great way to get inspired.

The debut album entitled “LOST”, mixed and mastered by Swedish MO Metal Productions will be available from April 1, 2021.

“LOST’ will be independently released and takes you on a 44 mins during trip of dark melancholic guitars supported by atmospheric keys and desperate screams.

Thank you for supporting BLACK SIGMA!